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Partner Program

Make business customers benefit from the decentralized, intelligent cloud. Create your own value-add solutions and include the next generation of cloud services in your portfolio.

The Qubit9 Partner Programm

is based on three principles

Principle 1


Together we create the future of cloud services. In the future cloud services are always available to everyone anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost.

Principle 2


We invest in our partnership. Expect marketing packages and tools that help you to train your team for adding value to your leading-edge solutions.

Principle 3


Benefit technologically and financially from superior cloud services. Create your own value-add solutions and build your success in the growing market.

Join the Partner Program

The Qubit9 Partner Program is open for Technology Alliance Partners, Value-Added Resellers, Affiliate Partners and Managed Service Providers.

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Join us as a Technology Alliance Partner

Easy integration and trustful certification for Technology Alliance Partner and their cloud service software. With the Qubit9 superior cloud services you join an ecosystem of cloud technologies that work together seamlessly to the benefit of our customers.

Join us as a Value Added Reseller

Generate accrual income and diverse revenue streams through reselling superior cloud solutions. Value Added Resellers can incorporate a broad selection of marketing resources, education and technical enablement to create a simple route to market.

Join us as an Affiliate Partner

Gain access to our broad spectrum of marketing resources to use with your Affiliate network. Either in blog, email, podcast, newsletters or social media, you can offer access to the future of cloud services.

Join us as a Managed Service Provider

Create new and recurring revenue streams while delivering enhanced security and privacy to your customers. Benefit of the open platform with a vast range of integrations and S3 compatibility making it easy to migrate your customers to the future of cloud services.