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we are Building the decentralized, intelligent cloud

A future where cloud services are always available to everyone anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost.

Join the new generation of the internet for business customers 

The internet was not always dominated by a few, incredibly large corporations. You can shape the future of the internet of tomorrow, together with Qubit9. With Qubit9 on your side, business customers directly benefit from existing, enterprise-grade, globally distributed, infrastructure.
Enter the highly accessible and resilient future of the internet. Qubit9 is your trusted partner, independent from hyperscalers and trusted by some of the largest data-creators in the Fortune500.

With us, you join the internet as it was intended to be: Decentralized.

Meet the founders

Your trusted partners for the next generation of the internet

Dr. Kai Wawrzinek

CEO & Co-Founder


Serial entrepreneur with a bar exam and a Ph.D. in Law, Kai was founder and CEO of Goodgame Studios, leading the company to >1.000 employees and combined revenues of >€1bn. In 2018 he took the company public on the Nasdaq in a reverse merger. Kai received the “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year” award and was a Deloitte Fast50 winner. He is extremely driven and lives by the mantra “anything is possible with hard work, commitment and determination”. In his private life, Kai likes to dive, ski, run and hike in the Alps.

He is equally passionate in his role as CEO:
“With our unique setup and exceptional team, we really have the potential to disrupt an entire industry.”

Daniel Baker

CTO & Co-Founder


Having been in multiple senior tech positions, Daniel loves to take on new challenges and put his expertise to the test. After developing and rolling out the cloud service strategy at Recall and Iron Mountain, he was the Director of Engineering at the Silicon Valley-based D2iQ and secured tens of millions in revenue. When not revolutionizing the cloud industry, Daniel is a Capoeira Master and holds multiple black belts.

Here at Qubit9, Daniel leverages his technical expertise:
“We essentially create our own market with massive untapped potential - all enabled by an outstanding team.”

Christian Kaul, PhD

COO & Co-Founder


With a PhD in neuroscience, Christian is a serial entrepreneur at heart. After helping develop Groupon and Airbnb, he joined Goodgame studios to lift its accumulated sales revenues to >€1bn. He has also founded multiple companies. When not scaling new companies, Christian likes to immerse himself in open water sailing and deep-sea diving.

On a day-to-day basis, he is in charge of the operative business:
“At Qubit9 we are exceeding our outstanding culture at Goodgames - seeing this spirit in all employees is simply incredible.”

Build with us

We’re committed to reinventing the internet through the advancement of the latest in distributed cloud technology. Among others, our team is actively seeking Senior Developers & Distributed Systems Engineers.

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