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Qubit9 is the future of the cloud. A future where cloud services are always available to everyone anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost.

Join the new generation of the cloud for business customers

Businesses benefit directly from enterprise-grade, globally distributed, cloud infrastructure. Designed for 100% durability, leverage availability, scalability, security, and privacy for a fraction of the cost.

Cloud Storage

S3 compatible object storage,  faster, distributed by default

Enter the highly accessible and resilient future of the internet. Implementing Qubit9 superior cloud solutions is as easy as writing one line of code.

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Enter The future of cloud

The future of The cloud

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Create your own value-add solutions. Build a sustainable revenue stream and offer your customers more secure and faster cloud object storage.


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Atul Gupta
Director of Technology
"As a former AWS engineering leader, I see us as truly world-class. We are a team with ex-AWS, ex-D2iQ, ex-Airbnb, etc., and shape the future of the internet. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"
Philipp Kölmel
Director of Engineering
“The internet was not always dominated by a few huge corporations. Qubit9 is reinventing the internet: how it was intended.”
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Build the decentralized internet

We’re committed to reinventing the internet through the advancement of the latest in distributed cloud technology. Among others, our team is actively seeking Senior Developers & Distributed Systems Engineers.

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