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Shaping the future

Decentralized Cloud Services

Qubit9 is creating a new era of the internet by helping businesses to benefit from distributed technology by using underutilized infrastructure.
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The future

Demand for cloud storage and other services is growing exponentially. The capacity increase of technology is not keeping up.

Centralized cloud providers struggle with scaling problems, needing ever larger and ever more data centers.
Graph showing demand of cloud over time

Start with Storage


Our Storage Cloud is a unique cloud storage solution, offering underutilized storage space from other companies for a fraction of the price of large providers such as AWS. You can access this storage via our S3-compatible API making switching as easy as rewriting one line of code.


Picture of future products

How Qubit9 is growing

Initial Funding

For now, Qubit9 is exclusively funded by its founders with several million Euro initially. Kai, Christian, Fabian and Daniel truly believe in the project and are putting their money where their mouth is.

Investment rounds

The first open investment rounds are planned for not earlier than 2023. Investors will also be able to directly invest in Qubit’s token, after launch. This will support the ecosystem and create attractive opportunities for investors - stay tuned. 

Market growth

Cloud service revenues have been doubling every 4 years since 2010.1 This exponential market growth creates opportunities for innovation, especially when established technologies face scaling challenges.

How you will grow

Mountains to climb
We learn by solving problems. Decentralized services come with advantages, and also with challenges.
Research is part of the job
Solving new problems means applying new approaches. At Qubit9, learning and doing research is part of the job. There is no path dependence keeping you from trying new things, because there are no legacy systems.
We hire for attitude
We don’t want you in the team because you have done all of this before. We want you because you are smart, ambitious and a problem solver. You bring the potential, our job is to enable you to expand your toolbox and achieve your best.


Kai Wawrzinek, his brother Christian Wawrzinek and Fabian Ritter were the original founders of Goodgame Studios. 

Building the company from the basement of Kai's parents to become one of the most successful gaming companies in Europe. Our smash mobile hit "Empire: Four Kingdoms" and its browser version "Empire" had surpassed $800.000.000 revenue already back in 2017. All in all, games of Goodgame Studios have been played by more than 500 Million registered players - that's more people than the combined population of the USA, Canada and Mexico. Over the years, Goodgame Studios won an unbelievable amount of awards and prizes such as "Employer of the year", "Company of the year" and "Fastest growing IT company in Germany" to name but a few. Personally, Kai and Christian were recognized as "EY Entrepreneurs of the Year" and listed amongst "Top 5 CEOs in Germany". In early 2018, Goodgame became part of Stillfront Group AB, hence becoming a publicly-traded company at the Swedish NASDAQ.


Dr. Kai Wawrzinek
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Christian Kaul
COO & Co-Founder
Daniel Baker
CTO & Co-Founder
Fabian Ritter
Finances & Co-Founder
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How we will change the industry

We are part of something bigger

We believe that decentralization is the best way to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. Decentralized systems are more resilient, efficient and flexible than centralized ones. The internet should not run only on huge data centers of just 4-5 global players.

Efficient usage of resources 

The decentralized nature of our network brings data as close as possible to where it is needed. Using the potential of underutilized infrastructure to provide our services saves resources and costs, ultimately benefiting everyone.

Technological innovation

We will push the boundaries of what can be done in the cloud industry, enabling secondary services to build on top of our decentralized infrastructure. This will not be limited to big companies. We will be accessible for the small agency next door as well as large enterprises.